The Caribbean and the Atlantic World Economy. Circuits of trade, money and knowledge, 1650-1914

Autor: Leonard, Adrian y Pretel, David
Editorial / Instituto: Cambridge University Press
Lugar: Cambridge
Año: 2015
Reseña: This collection of essays explores the inter-imperial connections between British, Spanish, Dutch, and French Caribbean colonies, and the ‘Old World’ countries which founded them. Grounded in primary archival research, the thirteen contributors focus on the ways that participants in the Atlantic World economy transcended imperial boundaries. The volume presents linked chapters which together examine the evolving and strengthening interconnections between the changing political economies of Europe and the Caribbean during the ‘long’ eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It brings together research by well-established authors and early-career historians. Their work, and thus this volume, above all is about the historical formation of the modern political economy to which Europe and