The Evolution of Economic Systems. Varieties of Capitalism in the Global Economy

Autor: Barry Clark
Editorial / Instituto: Oxford University Press
Lugar: Inglaterra
Año: 2015
Reseña: The most current text of its kind, The Evolution of Economic Systems: Varieties of Capitalism in the Global Economy explores the effects of politics and culture on the nature of national economic systems. Author Barry Clark distills recent academic work in such areas as comparative political economy, varieties of capitalism, new and old institutional economics, new economic sociology, and social systems of production, presenting the material in a conversational manner that makes it accessible for undergraduate students.
"This book's broad-based approach is likely to appeal to students, cultivating their interest in the subject matter: every student should find something of interest."--Geoffrey E. Schneider, Bucknell University
"Clark's textbook is a breath of fresh air in comparative systems. It presents the essentials of the subject within a framework that is at once conceptually challenging, coherent, and interesting."--Aida Ramos, University of Dallas