Europe's Growth Challenge

Autor: Åslund, Anders y Simeon Djankov
Editorial / Instituto: Oxford University Press
Año: 2017

Europe is in a serious crisis but that it can face up to these challenges. In Europe's Growth Challenge Anders Åslund and Simeon Djankov argue that the European Union can only be successful if it carries out substantial changes in the European economic system. 

European society benefits from equality in income, excellent healthcare and basic education, good infrastructure, and developed institutions for the rule of law. But Europe has entered a period of economic stagnation and is distracted by multiple challenges. Economic and political strains have stalled vital reforms, while the threat of disunion is evident.

By focusing on what works in Europe and the great variations within Europe, Åslund and Djankov show how Europe can develop a strategy for higher economic growth. They advocate a reduction of the fiscal role of the state, an opening up of services and digital trade, an easing of the regulatory and tax burdens on labor, an improved environment for startups and innovation, pension reform, and the development of Europe's energy union. 

In spite of Europe's many achievements, Europe needs to address its growth challenge to stay afloat. Åslund and Djankov provide novel insights and provocative ways forward.